3-Year Old Survives For 2 Days After Mom Dies

I just read a Yahoo! article about a 3-year old who survived on her own for 2 days after her own mom died. I couldn’t help but feel sad and sympathetic for her.

The article indicated she tried to get her mom to wake up, but to no avail. Meantime, she fed herself cheese, leftover lasagna and milk, and comforted herself with her teddy bear.

It was only after the girl’s family didn’t hear from her mom for 2 days that they finally called a friend to check on them. The friend eventually called the police, and the rest was discovered.

I really fawned over the little girl after seeing her picture and reading the story behind her circumstances. I’d have to say her mom did a good job raising her as best as she could before tragedy struck, especially since the girl ably took care of herself until help arrived.

The little girl is now in good hands, thanks to police and her family. Prayers to them, especially her.

Hat tip: Yahoo! News