A Rough Week

Thank goodness the past week is over. It’s the roughest week I’ve had in recent memory.

Missed quotas, increased scrutiny, overtime galore. And of course, self pushing.

Self pushing in the sense that I’ve been pushing myself to do good. Damn good.

And lately, I feel I haven’t been doing that. Some good, but not the good I expected (highly) of myself.

One particular day in the week is especially the worst. Something rough happened to someone I know.

When that person told me about it, it felt like someone hit me on the solar plexus.

All I could do that time was tell the person how sorry I felt and how thankful I am for whatever help was extended to me.

(I’d say the only good day last week was Friday. Except for one person who was absent, the entire team hung out and had fun after work.)

This morning gave me a chance to reflect back on what happened last week. Thank goodness it’s over.

Of course, I’m now uncertain how the coming weeks will turn out for me. I’m more doubtful than I was.

Yet, I have to push forward. I owe it at least to myself to “make up” for the past week.

At any rate, I’ll do what I’ve always done when things are unsure or even problematic:

I deal with it.