A Tip I Learned On (Possibly) Screening Suitors

At some point in my life, I’m gonna go through what countless fathers will and have gone through with their daughters.

Screening suitors.

You know, those guys who ring the doorbell, have a bouquet of flowers on one hand, and ask, “Is so and such there?”

Just recently I worked on a transcript for an upcoming show on pulling off surprise marriage proposals. One guy was “rehearsing” on camera.

He said that at some point his girlfriend gave him a stack of papers. It turns out to be a kind of application form.

What for? To date the girl. 😀

Apparently the girl’s father gave those papers to her to be eventually given to him. The guy is to fill up the forms and, get this, fax them back to the dad!

Hmm, I kinda like that idea. I think I’ll do that too to screen out the tirekickers.

So when the time comes for Kitty to entertain such when she’s 16, bring ‘em on!