Abalos Resigns!

Finally…Commission On Elections Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. has finally done the unthinkable.

He resigned.

Heard it on the news. But you can check it out via the link below:

Personally it’s been something I’ve been hoping he’d do for a long time. If you check him out online as much as you could, it won’t be surprising if you’ll find a lot of…questionable acts he appears to have committed.

Of course, it’s all just my opinion. But with how he’s done many things you’d normally not expect a government official to do, it sometimes makes one think, “what kind of examples are we teaching and setting for our kids?”

I won’t be surprised if one day Kitty asks me why this or that person does it even though s/he knows it’s wrong. All I can probably tell Kitty is there are such people, but it boils down to what we are going to do about it if we want to tolerate it or not.

Well, Mr. Abalos, my hats off to you for finally quitting. However, I do hope you won’t run away should you finally be held accountable publicly for your actions, namely getting a civil suit or being criminally charged.

As far at the law is concerned, he’s innocent until proven guilty. We’ll see how it goes.