Can’t People Put Their Phone On Silent Mode Or Shut It Off?

I just came from watching a movie with Dad. I normally don’t complain, but I just had one of the most irritating things happen.

As the title of my latest entry goes, someone’s mobile or cellphone rang while the movie was going on. And that’s inspite of the signs to either put one’s phone on silent mode, or just turn it off.

What’s more irritating is the person’s phone rang about three times…

…in three successions. Meaning the person’s phone had three rings, and let it happen three times!

What’s even more irritating than that? It happened right beside me, at my right side.

I gave the person a chance to do something about that the first time that happened. But after the third set of ringing, I finally told him to pleeeeeeeeeeease either put his phone on silent mode or turn it off.

Thankfully, he did. I don’t know if ever this happened, but I honestly wished he got caught and be led out to teach him a lesson.

I mean, goodness. There are signs outside the movie cinema to put the phone on silent or turn it off, and announcements are made before the movie shows to also do that.

Yet…some people just don’t seem to get it. Is it really that hard to do a simple thing like that?