Couple Sells Kids To Play Online Games

I was shocked when I first saw the headline in my email. I couldn’t believe it at first.

Then when I finished reading the article, I could only go OMG and shake my head in disbelief. The things people do.

As the story goes, a couple in China met through an Internet cafe in 2007. Both were 21 that time.

They shared their mutual like…nay, obsession for online gaming. They eventually had their first child a year later.

The couple sold their second child for about $500, which convinced them to do the same to their first one. They eventually sold their first-born for close to $4,600…just to have money to play online games!

Eventually they sold their third (and likely last) child for the same amount years later. The two were arrested by police some time after.

You can read the article here.

Personally, I somewhat felt sorry for them. They valued online gaming far more over their own children, and they’ll likely never be able to experience the joys of having and raising them.

Then again, not everyone’s cut out for parenting. I know some people who don’t see themselves having their own kids and what-not.

Unfortunately for them, they’ll also surely never see their kids again. I shudder to think what their kids will think of them if ever they find out the truth.

Admittedly I’m somewhat an addict to computer games, though I rarely play nowadays. But…I’m not that addictive, and I’d never, ever do anything like that.

I’ll say a short prayer for all of them later…