Finally Saw A Movie After A Looooooooong Time

Believe it or not, the last movie I saw was Spiderman 2. 🙂

Just watched Munich with my Dad on Sunday. Since we came in early, we each a beer for about 15 minutes before checking into the movie house to finally see it.

Needless to say, the movie was great.

What surprised me even more was that it was Steven Spielberg who directed it. I’ve known the guy to direct “wholesome” movies, but this one is different.

The part that especially got me was when the main character, Eric Bana, called his wife and spoke to his months old daughter. He cried soon after hearing his daughter say “Papa” or “Dada”.

I felt like crying that time, too, because I’m a dad myself. And I love my ever-loveable daughter, Kitty.

Anyway, don’t ask me what it’s about. Just go and see it, trust me.