Impressive Japanese

After what I’ve been reading in the papers for the past few days, I have to say I’m really…really….really impressed with the Japanese. For all the sh** they’ve gone through, they’re still going on as if essentially it’s like a normal day for them.

I’m especially impressed with what I’ve read from the newspapers’ opinion columnists. They have not panicked, and there is literally no rioting in the affected areas.

Either not too many media outfits have reported it, or I haven’t seen any Japanese emotionally crying for help either. The most I’ve seen is their detailing their personal experiences, but they’ve not raged at anyone or anything.

The one that especially got me awed is a picture of a four-month old baby that’s been rescued:



She is definitely a miracle, thank God. News reports indicate rescuers have since been inspired to check further, and the baby’s been returned to her parents.

The Japanese have consistently sent aid to other people in other countries affected by similar calamities. Now it’s their turn to be helped.

Makes me wish I can help them out directly somehow. Impressive people.

Personally, I believe our people can also be like them. Won’t happen overnight and it’ll take a lot of time and consistent, dedicated effort, but…we can be if we just do it.

My prayers go to the Japanese people.