Inconsiderate Jerks

It’s a fact of life: inconsiderate jerks are abound and plenty. I just encountered a few last night.

It occurred when I was logging out after work. I put my things at my locker, then rushed to the elevator.

The elevator doors were just about to close. I caught a glimpse of three people in there.

I snuck my umbrella in to hold the elevator doors. My umbrella caught them just in time.

Then, it happened.

My umbrella remained in-between the elevator doors. Yet, the people inside didn’t think to actually turn on the switch and open the doors!

I couldn’t reach for the elevator switch outside. Otherwise, I’d let my umbrella go, the doors would close, and then I’d wait for the next elevator.

This lasted for maybe 10, 20 seconds. In all that time, couldn’t anyone think of actually opening the doors to let someone in?

Finally, one of the office security guards came by and pushed the elevator button to open it. I thanked the guard and went inside, not saying anything else after.

Hmmm, maybe I should’ve said something to the three inconsiderate jerks inside the elevator. I just didn’t feel like making a scene and wanted to go home.

Sigh, to think one of the three inside the elevator that time was an attractive girl. Sayang.

Okay, I admit I’ve been an inconsiderate jerk myself a few times. Nowadays I’m trying not to be.

I mean, if you were inside the elevator and that happened, what would you do?