So I just had my annual evaluation at work. After all that, it gave me pause.

Although I totally expected how my evaluation would turn out (at least, I thought I totally expected), it gave me a few things to think about.

I also shared a few things about me that I hadn’t realized…

…things I pretty much set aside at the back of my head…

…things I thought I resolved, but am actually still addressing…

…things I became conscious, conscientious about even.

It made me look into myself. My thoughts, my feelings.

My evaluation touched on one “issue” in particular. When my “boss” asked me about it, I told that person that it’s one I’ve been addressing for years – even to this day.

Frankly, I got conscientious about it. I told the person how I felt about it, anyway.

In all, the evaluation was good. More importantly, I let them know how and what I honestly feel, and that I understood how they know and felt towards my work.

If I’m going to improve at work, though, then I have to look into myself more. Also, I need to ask more.

(I imagine I’m gonna needlessly bug some folks. But if that’s what it takes to finally get things going, then I better do it.

And as usual, I quietly ask forgiveness.)