Michael Bay To Do Another Transformers Movie

Generally I try to confirm an online news once I read about it. I couldn’t find anything else on this one, so this will have to do.

As the headline goes, Michael Bay has been tapped to make yet another Transformers movie. I linked the article at the bottom of this post.

As quoted from there:

Michael Bay agrees to return for “Transformers 4”, debunking rumours that the trilogy was the end of the alien robot franchise, according to a report on Movies Online.

Not really sure what to feel about that. On one hand, I’m glad there’ll be another Transformers movie, being a long time fan.

OTOH, I didn’t really like the last one. It felt more action than story, but I guess that’s what he intended to do given the feedback he got from Transformers 2.

Ah well, one thing’s for sure: everyone’s going to want to watch it!

Hat tip: Yahoo! News