My New and First Comment Policy

I’ll make my comment policy as clear and simple as I can. When circumstances and time allow, I’ll put out a more comprehensive version in the future.

Alright, here’s the policy.

1. Be respectful. Disagree if you want, but show respect—especially if you want others to show you the same.

2. Don’t spam.

3. Don’t post hateful comments, especially when using an alias. I might delete such comments without warning.

4. Expect a ban if you insist on violating #3.

5. Contact me here if you have questions or concerns. I respond when I can, so expect a delay—or even none.

And most important of all:

Think before you click.

Unlike a conversation in person, all of us have plenty of time to think before we speak. Or click in this case.

I will update my comment policy as time goes by. Things change, after all, and so must each of us.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed as a saying goes. Thus, consider yourself such.