My Transformers 3 Movie Review

I finally saw Transformers: Dark Of The Moon yesterday. Went there together with my 9-year old daughter and 16-year old nephew.

Dad was supposed to join us that time. But after seeing how many seats were left, all of which were 3 rows from the screen, he begged off.

I’ll just give a few points. Mix of both bad and good.

First, it’s got people using swear words now than the two previous ones. The ones I recalled seeing and hearing were asshole, shit and bitch.

(Thank goodness they didn’t use fuck. Whew!)

There were some unexpected twists here. Some of those scenes might cause you to maybe gasp or stare in disbelief, such as when the Decepticons flashed in and started shooting everything (and everyone) in sight.

Probably one thing people kept guessing beforehand is who’s going to die. One mainstay will, but I’ll let you see that for yourself. (unless you’ve already read those movie spoilers elsewhere…)

And when they die, well…they will stay dead this time.

One thing I liked is there’s a bit more interaction between the human characters and the robots themselves than the previous ones. Best one was where Sam Witwicky’s girlfriend Carly spoke to Megatron himself…in his face!

And of course, there are light moments. Former Sector 7 Agent Simmons, now a millionaire, was more comic relief here, and I miss his being more “interactive” with the robots.

The Hangover’s & Hangover 2’s Ken Jeong has a short part in this movie. He didn’t disappoint with his sexual humor.

Speaking of which, there were more sexual overtones in this movie. Just a thing to watch out for if you’ll bring kids along.

Overall, I somewhat regret having brought my daughter to watch it with me. Years ago we watched Revenge Of The Fallen with my siblings and her cousins, all of whom were essentially old enough to be able to watch and understand it. (with some parental guidance, of course…)

However, those two movies had some degree of effort at being “kid friendly”. This third one isn’t, so I don’t recommend bringing in any kids unless they’re maybe 12 or older.

If I were to summarize the movie in two words, they would be “mindless action”. So, don’t really expect any story, and enjoy the action if that’s all you’re really after anyway.

Edit: there’s a scene showing the soldiers literally flying out of their chopper. I just saw a behind-the-scenes thing where it turns out their flying is actually real!