New Quote Learned

During a break at work, I checked one of a couple of blogs I’m subscribed to. I learned a new quote.

Or actually, it’s not really a quote like “haste makes waste” or “To err is human”. Rather, it’s a sentence from someone I’d like to quote here.

It’s from a guy named Randy Gage. And his quote?

Don’t allow people to challenge your confidence.

And a timely reminder, too. Lately my confidence has rather gone down, especially because I guess I let others do exactly that.

It particularly happens when I argue with someone over something or some topic. On one hand, I like to welcome other ideas – even if other people disagree – because sometimes you get to learn something new from them.

On the other hand, some people will come down on you particularly if you show doubt or are unsure of yourself even if – to some degree – you believe you are. Recently I felt that way, and all because I wanted to consider if there was maybe some degree of truth in what other people say.

That saying from Randy Gage is a good lesson…and a good reminder. So from now on, even if others disagree with me when arguing, I am NOT going to let them challenge my confidence when I believe in something so strongly.

As Randy explained when he said that:

You have enough self-doubt already, you don’t need to collect any more. Tell your truth as you know it and let it stand.

I will need to take a deeper breath and be more aware when I’m beginning to feel upset, though. Still, it’s not necessarily wrong to feel upset, especially if someone’s essentially attacking you or your character rather than argue or debate on the issue/topic at hand.

So everyone else: do your (almost) worst. We’ll disagree at some point, but at least be honest and argue on whatever is the topic or issue.

Me, I’ll give my side and let it stand on its own. Take it for what it’s worth.

And oh, here’s the link to that quote I got. Thanks, Randy.