PayPal Grants More Privileges To Philippine Users

I’ve been meaning to blog about this sooner. But of course, I got caught up with work.

It’s finally official: PayPal, the (in)famous online free payment provider, now allows Philippine-based users to both send and receive money!

I found out about this last week while reading a thread in one online forum I frequent. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read about it.

Then I checked out the blog of the one who reported it. I read it with gusto, filled with excitement at seeing the list of countries PayPal finally allowed to send and receive money through their service.

But…what’s PayPal, you might ask.

In a nutshell, it’s an online service where users can send and receive money through them in certain countries. It’s free to sign-up.

It’s also arguably the biggest online payment provider in the world. Biggest in the sense that it’s used by more and more people worldwide than any other.

I know a lot of people also use PayPal to both send money to other people and receive payments for goods and services. Despite the risks and the many horror stories you’ll surely find, it can’t be helped that people…well…use them.

I actually signed up for a Business-level account using a “workaround” an online acquaintance taught me. I’ve had it for over a year with essentially no problems.

So I finally decided to test it out. I created a personal account (since PayPal allows users to create a Personal-level and a Premier or Business-level account), confirmed it, sent money to it from my other one, and it works!

The only catch with it so far is PayPal won’t allow you to remit your funds to your Philippine-based bank account. Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

However, I was fortunate to find 2 few blogs about the subject. You can read more via the links below:

Now another thing you might ask is…why did I title my latest entry “PayPal Grants More Privileges To Philippine Users”?

Because it is a privilege. The cold-hard reality is that PayPal can very well take those privileges away if they’re prompted to.

Long ago, Philippine-based users were also able to utilize PayPal’s full functionalities. But over time, PayPal experienced a lot of fraudulent activity originating from our country (sigh) and eventually banned Philippine users from utilizing their service.

It literally took years for PayPal to finally take a chance. More than a year ago they allowed users here to sign up, but only to send money or pay using it.

Somehow deep down inside I felt they’ll allow us that again. But only if they’ve got relatively good experiences with us after some time, and I was really hoping for that.

Needless to say, I’m…well…juiced up. I’ll blog more about this in the future. 🙂

Can I say it one more time! Yay!