Preacher In The MRT

Ever rode in the bus and have a preacher come on board saying his thing? Yup, preacher in the bus.

It’s been a long while since I rode a bus and witness someone preach the gospel or Bible. Well, we got freedom of speech after all.

Just when I thought I saw it all. Earlier in the MRT, there was someone preaching the gospel as well.

Now, when I said in the MRT, I mean IN the MRT. Or to be more specific, inSIDE the MRT coach itself.

Yup, you read that right. Not in the MRT lobby, not near one of those food stands in some stations, but INSIDE the coach while everyone (including me) was riding.

I was surprised for a moment why someone became noisy all of a sudden. When I looked at the source, I saw this short guy just saying his thing about God.

Now, I have nothing against him. If he wants to do that, no problem.

Personally, though, doing that while everyone was riding isn’t exactly the so-called right place and time. I’ve always believed there’s a time and place for that, including doing it where others may share the same sentiment.

Oh well, as long as he didn’t cause anyone harm other than maybe saying things people don’t want to hear. People can always ignore, anyway.

Heh, just something I never expected. Someone preaching about God or so while riding inside an MRT coach.

At any rate, I said a short prayer to keep the guy safe – and everyone else riding, too.