My Principles, v1

Thanks to a book titled Principles by Ray Dalio, I’m writing down my set of principles.

This thing is a work in progress and my basis for my actions and decisions.  As time goes by, I’ll update my principles and their wording for (more) clarity—which anyone is welcome to use.

Well, here is version 1 of my principles.

  • Mostly, I consider the public’s welfare at large above my own. By demonstrating that princple, I hope to show care and consideration for others even if they don’t.
  • I strive to understand others as I learned how easy it is to be wrong about them.
  • I ask feedback even if it hurts, so long as it’s honest and grounded in truth.
  • I reserve judgment when I can.
  • I tell people to tell me if I’m judging them harshly or without basis of fact.
  • People judge. Unfortunately, some people (including me) misjudge.
  • I help others when I can in some way, without compromising myself.
  • People interpret as they see fit. While I can’t change how or what they interpret, always at that, I can ask them to clarify if ever.
  • My own rule of thirds (that I learned from a media professional named Gerard Braud): a 3rd of people will agree with you, a 3rd won’t or will even despise you, and another 3rd will be undecided. Thus, the undecided is who I’ll attend to 1st.

Those are my principles for now. I’ll revisit them as time goes by, then update when needed.

Feel free to use the principles above or share yours.