Pugad Baboy Author Quits Inquirer

I felt sad after watching the news that Pol Medina Jr. (aka PM Jr.), the author of the locally-popular Pugad Baboy comic strip, resigned from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. A decades-long partnership has (currently) ended.

PM Jr. quit due to a controversy created by one of his recent comic strips. While likely intended as a joke, the strip referenced an all-girls school – run by Catholic nuns – and…well…lesbians.

It turned out that that comic was not supposed to be published in the first place. Unfortunately, it somehow did.

To be expected, some of the school’s administrators and other (understandably) outraged people cried foul over the strip. I read that the school even threatened to sue the Philippine Daily Inquirer unless they heard back soon.

PDI later contacted the school, explained what happened, and apologized. It looks like that “crisis” is averted.

Eventually I saw the news that, contrary to initial reports, PM Jr. wasn’t fired or suspended. Rather, his Pugad Baboy comic was “suspended” from print until the newspaper finish their investigation and make a decision after.

PM Jr. didn’t wait, though. He quit and sent his (very simple) resignation letter to PDI, even though he since also apologized publicly for what happened.

Personally, I felt sad. I love Pugad Baboy, to the point I once even drew one of its main characters, Polgas, a few times.

As mentioned, Pugad Baboy and PDI have a long history together. And with just one mistake, everything’s gone awry.

When I eventually read Rappler’s report on the issue, I then understood why PM Jr. quit. In his words:


My resignation is the ultimate expression of regret.


I think PM Jr. shouldn’t have quit, though. Everyone makes mistakes, after all.

Moreover, PM Jr. apologized for the incident. Other than some people’s feelings or sensibilities being “hurt” to a degree, no one got harmed materially.

At any rate, the incident will eventually die down until the next one occurs. By then, I hope PM Jr. reconsiders and rejoins PDI.

Source: Rappler