Rare Day

Earlier was a rare day. And one I’m thankful for.

Celebrated another year of my life. Some people probably won’t feel like doing that if they’re at their lowest points in their lives, but I choose otherwise.

I’m still not where I want to be. But, I choose to celebrate this rare day.

My daughter Kitty and I met my Dad at home. Kitty runs, kisses and hugs her lolo (grandfather) as usual, and Dad hugs her tight as if not wanting to let go.

We accompany him to do whatever else needs to be done that morning. Just go to two groceries, Cash & Carry and Landmark, but each moment and each place was enjoyable for Kitty still.

Kitty’s only complaint was getting hungry. I reminded her to be patient and that lunch will come, especially when it’s my treat.

We went back home and waited. Kitty’s cousin Aya comes up to her moments later, a sign that my elder brother PJ and his family have finally arrived.

We all go to Gilligan’s, my treat. My eldest brother Bong and his group haven’t shown up yet, leaving me slightly concerned.

I texted him that food’s ready and hope they’ll catch up. Bong and group still haven’t arrived when the rest of us were nearly done eating.

Thankfully, Bong and group came. Deep inside I heaved a sigh of relief.

So my two elder brothers, their companions, Dad, and Kitty ate together and told stories. A shame my younger sister Aimee couldn’t come, but she told me ahead of time and wished me happy birthday still.

I called for the bill when we were practically done. Bong asked if I needed help, and I thanked him and said that I got this anyway.

Personally, it felt good. After all it’s only once a year one gets to celebrate his birthday, much more treat his loved ones out of his own pocket.

We went to a coffee shop afterwards for dessert. We all talked again, but enjoyed our desserts.

I felt really happy, especially seeing Kitty and Aya eating and talking beside one another. While it’d be nice if I got the birthday gift/s I wanted, I got at least one which was seeing them playing and talking together.

I also learned a few more things about cars, thanks to Bong asking and Dad and PJ answering. Some things I can keep in mind should the day come.

Eventually, we all went our separate ways. Kissed, hugged, patted one another, said our goodbyes, see-you-arounds, and keep-in-touches.

Kitty and I spent the remaining time at Mall of Asia. It wasn’t much, but I was still glad to see Kitty smiling and grinning ear to ear at how things turned out despite a few setbacks.

Practically ending the day was bringing some food and having dinner with her and…my ex in-laws. Kind of my way of treating them as well despite how things turned out between me and them.

All in all, it was a rare day for me. And I’m thankful for it still.