Rejected…For The Nth Time

Don’t you just hate the feeling of rejection? I know I do.

Then again, I’m feeling that today because I rarely get rejected for something. Only this time, it’s bad because it’s happened for essentially the same thing…for the third time.

I applied for a trainer position within our client last year. Unfortunately I wasn’t accepted, even after the interview and successful demo.

I was referred for another trainer position with another client. Wasn’t accepted either, but at least I got informed what I needed to improve on.

For 2010 I set a goal to finally grab that trainer position, even if just an intern type of thing. I saw an opportunity again within our client and jumped on it.

Got interviewed, did a demo, all went well. Unfortunately I was eventually informed that trainer applications are on hold due to client demands within the account.

About two months after that, my team and I got called into training for a client update. Lo and behold, the one conducting the training was one of those who applied for the same position I did roughly at the same time.

I wondered why I wasn’t told or couldn’t find another opening so I would’ve tried again. But at that point, I felt…rejected.

To say it’s disappointing is seriously an understatement. I felt rejected…sad…a bit angry because I tried again, and I didn’t get what I at least tried and worked for.

I’ll probably never find out why that happened. Then again, I don’t really care anymore…except to go with plan B.