Restoring My Other Blog Posts

Ah, finally managed to find my other blog posts elsewhere. Too bad I can’t seemingly restore everything, but at least I found some and am putting back whatever I can find.

You might be surprised to find out my blogging has been going on since 2006. That’s how long I’ve been writing, but sadly I wasn’t able to save a complete copy of everything I’ve written over the years.

Fortunately there’s a web site called the WayBack Machine that stores a whatever changes any web site has had. Only catch is it only does that to those they’re able to see, and not the ones where they’re intentionally blocked off from them.

Still, it’s a useful service if you’re especially trying to find a “back up” copy of your web site or so. Already I found a couple of my original blog writings, and I’m restoring them as much as I can.

You can visit them at Have a look and see if it’s got what you need.