RIP, Tita Josie

This morning I got a rare shock of my life. Dad told me that Tita Josie…died.

Of course, everyone dies. I just didn’t expect it to occur so soon…so sudden.

Until I sort of got caught up with life, Tita Josie and I were close. Few times I’d share my thoughts and (especially) my problems with her, and she’d hear me out.

Sometime last year was the last time I saw her. I visited her at PGH after she suffered what turned out to be her third stroke.

That time I felt sad at her condition, how she looked. OTOH, she still retained her mental faculties by trying to tell me a few things, which took a lot of personal effort to understand.

And now…she’s gone. Still, I’ll cherish the memories we shared…and a few other things she taught me.


Thank you, Tita Josie. Rest in peace, po.

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