Running like mad in a jungle.

He keeps running, knowing fully well what might happen if he stops even for a second.

Sweat flows down from his forehead. He wipes the sweat off.

He looks back for only a moment. Just a moment, then he keeps running.

He feels his lungs burning. Probably using up air faster than he breathes in.

Yet, he keeps running, breathing, going. He can’t stop.

He must not stop, lest the fate that potentially awaits him finally grips him.

Will I make it, he asks himself. Is all this running worthwhile?

Or, am I just running away from the inevitable?

He sees a branch full of leaves. Upon reaching it, he brushes it aside.

Fear races through his mind. I must keep going, he thinks to himself.

Every object in his line of vision zooms past him as he runs. Leaves, branches, trees.

He sees a snake dangle down suddenly. Inadvertently, he catches it!

No! he cries to himself. Frantically he grabs the snake and throws it away, hoping it didn’t bite.

His hands roam around his body as he continues running. No bites, no injuries, thank God.

Then, he stops for a moment. Hopefully just a moment to catch his breath.

He pants heavily, looking down. His eyes close as he breathes as much as he can.

A loud roar screams behind him.

He looks up. His eyes open wide as he gasps for breath.

He looks back. He sees and hears leaves brushing aside.

Oh, God no, he goes to himself. He resumes running.

He looks up at the sky. Clouds abound.

His eyes then dart forward. He keeps running, not looking back.

I must get away, he thinks to himself. I can’t stop!

His legs and feet give it their all. He runs with all his strength and will.

He hears it. He also hears more leaves brushing aside.

Running sounds dominate the surroundings.

He breathes harder now. His legs feel tired.

No, no, I must get away! he shouts aloud.

A roar bursts out. Birds fly away in different directions.

He just keeps running even as he feels himself tiring.

The roar gets louder. Closer.

He hears running sounds closer as well.

God, no! he screams.

He hears the terrifying roar. Up close.

(Well, there goes my first writing practice in a long time. I’ll write more as long as I do get better at it.)