Normally, New Year’s is a time of great celebration. Somewhat rare, but I somewhat couldn’t help feel sad.

Reason? I read about two children who got hit by stray bullets.

One of them, 4-year-old Ranjilo Nemer, died soon after being brought into the hospital for treatment. The other, 7-year old Stephanie Nicole Ella, was in a coma.

I have a soft spot pa naman for kids. More so that I have a daughter.

I read just now that the 7-year old fought for 38 hours before her father finally told her doctors to stop. The little girl had 8 cardiac arrests until the end of her suffering.

Maybe I shouldn’t have read the online news. It’s one of my past times during my breaks, and I couldn’t help but notice when I saw that story.

I said a short prayer for the 2 children and their loved ones. That’s just about all I can do.

May they someday find peace and happiness again despite tragedy.

Source: PDI