Secured For Upcoming Family Tree Site

Sorry for not posting lately. I finally got around to doing so.

I registered a domain name for the upcoming family tree website I’m going to build up. Since and .net are taken, I thought I might as well grab the next best thing,

Next order of business is to compile the entire Zandueta family tree from all sides possible. Already I’m contacting the other Zanduetas from the US to send me their lists so I can eventually upload them into the website.

If any of you Zanduetas out there need a mailbox like [email protected], use my contact form to send me an email requesting such. Indicate your desired username and password as well.

Take note, though, that I might change website hosts if the one I’m currently using doesn’t pan out. With so hosts many f***ing up at one point or another, it’s a hit-or-miss thing to find the right suitable host.