Senator Zubiri Resigns

It’s very rare that I’d actually get surprised or shocked at news. Today, I just got shocked.

Senator Miguel Zubiri actually resigned his position. The Philippine Daily Inquirer (my favorite newspaper) has more on the subject.

Already I see lots of people talking about it. Unless I’m mistaken, most of it seem skeptical.

Some even cynically went as far as saying he should’ve done what former defense secretary Angelo Reyes did. That is a very negative thing to say to someone who especially didn’t do you any harm directly, but I’m sure Mr. Zubiri can handle it.

What he apparently could no longer handle was his own family being affected, especially his kids. Can’t blame the guy since one can only take so much, more so if your own loved ones are affected by issues intended only for you.

Whatever Mr. Zubiri’s reasons, the fact is…he resigned. When was the last time anybody around here of his caliber did something like that?

I suppose Mr. Zubiri’s resigning was long overdue given the circumstances. But…better late than never, I guess.

At any rate, kudos to Mr. Zubiri on this action.