Should Firecrackers Be Banned?

Last night I saw the news about one of our health department officials saying that firecrackers should (or ought to) be banned. He did acknowledge that would be a difficult thing to do, though.

The news then reported that some domestic and international flights were canceled due to smog, smog especially caused by all the smoke from exploding firecrackers last New Year’s eve. Sigh, how embarrassing.

Personally, I have no problem with that. I imagine others will, of course, especially those who enjoy it.

I’d say limit the sale of firecrackers to private entities for “personal purposes” only, namely to light them and not resell them to individuals. Many malls around here do such especially and exclusively to greet New Years like recently.

Surely, firecracker businesses will object to that since it’ll affect their bottom line. They may not make as much as they probably used to, but they can still make money selling only to “materially responsible” groups.

And of course, turning it into law and especially enforcing it will be difficult. I wish political will is sufficient, though political will can only do much if many people are especially stubborn about it.

Anyway, just thinking aloud.