Someone Dear

Near the end of my day at work, I found out that someone dear to me…passed on. VERY dear.

It really affected me a lot. So much that it probably took a lot of strength not to show it at work.

I couldn’t let anyone else know that time I was, deep inside, mourning. Now I know how one of my officemates felt that time when something similar happened to him/her.

What made it personally worse is that I never even knew. As in no one told me until I got a message about it.

In a way, I got angry with “her” because she never let me on. OTOH, she did tell me before that she was diagnosed with leukemia.

In any case, what’s happened happened. I left work soon after the clock ticked 6, then…did my thing.

Eventually, I said a short prayer for her. Rest in peace, and…thanks for the memories.