The Baguio Feeling In Manila

The past few days feels like…Baguio. The cool winds…the odor…

It started since Sunday night as far as I recall. I walked home from a nearby 7-11 store, and the air just felt cool and smelled…refreshing?

First thing that came to mind was Baguio during the ’80s and early ’90s. Until the past few years, the cool and refreshing air in Baguio was something to look forward to every summer.

Alas, Baguio today isn’t the same as before. I’d say summer is the worst time to go there.

The winds blowing as of now make me yearn for Baguio back then. Oh well, there’s always December to February, especially the Panagbenga Festival near end of Feb.

Meanwhile, I thank God for the cool and nice-smelling winds. And I’ll relish it while it blows around.