Two Girls

I feel happy and proud of two girls: my daughter Kitty and her cousin Aya. The two girls helped their lolo to buy new shirts.

Yesterday, I had two plans for Kitty. Plan A was to attend a junior entrepreneur activity in Greenhills. Alternatively, Plan B was to arrange some going-out with Aya and her dad (my elder brother) PJ.

We settled on Plan B after confirming with PJ. Besides, Kitty and Aya wanted to hang out together again. 🙂

The eventual Plan (C) was to accompany their lolo, our Dad, to buy new shirts at SM Megamall. That time, Megamall had a three-day sale that Dad hoped to take advantage.

A catch: Dad needed someone to be with him. I decided that’d be me, while Kitty could hang out with Aya and PJ.

So, all of us went to Megamall. I accompanied Dad, while Kitty went with Aya and PJ.

Dad and I took a while to find someplace to, at least, look for shirts. Marks and Spencer didn’t have what Dad wanted, while Collezione possibly did.

Possibly because Dad wasn’t sure if the shirt colors would go with his trousers.

Thus, we waited outside Collezione until PJ and the girls showed up. By then, Aya and Kitty helped Dad choose shirts.

Deep inside, I felt happy and proud seeing the girls helping him. Not everyday I, or anyone, got to see something like that.

Besides, I learned a thing or two from the girls’ input. I somewhat knew what they thought that time, so I just wanted some (I guess) validation.

Dad eventually bought not just one, but three shirts. To think he planned to buy two at most.

After that, Dad treated everyone to Burger King. I just couldn’t help myself but smile and feel so happy after what I witnessed that time.

Felt like yesterday when Kitty and Aya were just babies, born six months apart. Now, they’re grown up — and growing up still.