Way To Go, Bro!

Still can’t contain my excitement after what my elder brother told me. He’s starting a new job next Monday.

Considering that he worked for Dad for 15 years, that’s like a leap of faith! I fully understand why, and I fully support him on that.

(Well, that’s going to keep Dad busy for a little while at the business he wanted to entrust to any of us. Alas, none of us are just interested so…ayun.)

I must admit I did feel a tinge of jealousy for a moment. His starting salary and benefits are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than mine, and that’s for just starting out while I just reached my first year with my employer.

Nonetheless, I’m happy for him. I pray to God that he’ll do well.

Meanwhile, I’d better do something about my own situation. And…fast.