Why “My Name Is Daaviiiid” Is My Blog Name

I finally got around to restoring my blog. Some of my friends who knew this emailed or messaged me via Facebook (yup, I finally got around to that too) asked why I named my blog “My Name Is Daaviiiiid…”.

He he, I got that idea from one of my experiences in a previous life. And I don’t mean a reincarnated one.

I used to work in a call center. Our client that time allowed us to use our real first names.

In the numerous calls I’ve taken, I noticed one really weird thing. Inspite of giving my real name, some Americans actually address me as…

…Stephen or Steven.

I was like “Waaaaaah?”. I said my name as clearly as I could, yet I get some people still calling me either Stephen or Steven!

One of my supervisors that time barged in to hear how I took calls. Even she was baffled as to how or why I get called either of those names instead.

I finally decided to change the way I say my name, in the hopes people would clearly hear me and address me right. So whenever I took calls, I would actually pronounce my name as Day-veed.

As in I would take 1-2 seconds pronouncing the two syllables in my name. Thus, it comes out as Daaay then Veeeed.

I’ve talked that way since taking calls. And I decided to name my blog that way as a sort of homage to that. 🙂