Why NOT To Buy Hard Disk Drives (HDD) Until March 2012

Some friends of mine and I have been talking about hard disk drives (HDD) being so pricey nowadays. Just a moment ago, I found an article that can help explain why this is happening.

As explained by Abe Olandres in YugaTech:

This was due to the shortage of units coming in from flooded Thailand where most of the components come from

One of the most heavily affected is Western Digital and Seagate where majority of HDD production ands assembly are done in Thailand.

Abe’s contact says to expect this to last until March 2012. Ouch.

So if you’re looking to buy that new hard disk drive (HDD) you’re eyeing, you might want to hold that until then. I definitely am, even though the impatience can figuratively kill me sometimes.

Not unless money’s no object for you.

Hat tip: YugaTech