“I Wish My Daughter Speaks English Like Yours”

That’s the first thing a woman said to me yesterday.

That time, my daughter and I went to Mercury Drug to buy a sachet of her Vitamin C supplement. We conversed in English the whole time.

A woman chanced upon us and remarked that she wished her daughter speaks English fluently like mine. I smiled and told her a few things.

I first said that I’ve been speaking in English to my daughter for the longest time. I’ve known that kids pick up habits from their elders, and I wasn’t any different looking back.

I then said that the sooner she starts talking to her own daughter in English, the better. The important things are to start as early as possible, and to be consistent.

Consistency is important. Everyone learns at their own pace, but one will learn as long as s/he is consistent in the habit they want to learn. (and that includes me, sheesh.)

I finally suggested that she do it when she can; kung anong kaya nating gawin.

Realistically, that’s what we can do: what we can. We’re not always going to do it, much more right, but we can find and squeeze in whatever time we find.

After my daughter and I bought her Vit C supplement, we both nodded and smiled at the woman. From the looks of her face and her subsequent nodding, what I suggested rang true to her.

Then, my daughter and I spent the rest of the afternoon having fun. Making the most of it.

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8 years ago

Nice post, how old is your daughter now?